New System Opinions wanted

A friend of mines asked for a new system so I thought I'd get the build checked over to see if anyone can think of some better parts. He's going to be gaming on the machine mainly and watching some films here and there.

The budget is £500

Resolution - 1920 x 1080

He wants to go Intel and AMD; with expandability in mind.

So here's what I priced up just want some other opinions before I go ahead with it.

Case -

Raven RV03 he chose this himself so i can't change this not that I want to really nice bit of kit.


read a lot of good reviews on these units so thought i'd give it a try at least

Motherboard -

Its got 2 PCIE x16's that will run in dual x8 mode; also the PCIE x1's are placed in decent spots so sound cards and such can be added if wanted later on.


Within this budget you can't really go wrong and with the board above it can always be upgraded to an I5 or 7.

Ram -

I'm not too fussy on ram as long as its a decent make and 1600's a good speed any other options are welcome.

Graphic card -

Decent card that will play smoothly at the resolution.

DVD Drive -

Basic Drive nothing special.

Parts not needed:




Cheers for the opinions,

Elliott :D
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  1. You buy a case more expensive than CPU at the first build ? Your friend will be playing games with the case ?
  2. lol its still a gaming pc just with a lower pointed cpu that will cause a miniscule bottleneck that i doubt he'll notice. i understand where your coming from and this isn't my first build and i worked with what i was given.
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