My computer shows white screen after 4 hour

I build my new computer and my configration is
processer : core i3-2100 (3.1 ghz)
mother board: intel dh61be
Ram: 4gb Kingston
Graphics card: ati radeon 6870 (1gb)
power supply: gx 550
hard drive: 1tb
windows 7 home premium sp1 86 bit

my computer runs smoothly. But after 4 hour it shows white screen and stuck and then i restart my computer by reset button it run agin smoothly without any problem.
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  1. This problem could have one or more of many possible causes but most likely you have a defective video card.
  2. How could I confirm it.
    My video card is brand new and it runs perfectly.
  3. There are many possible variables even within the video card. You could try removing the video card and using onboard or a spare to see if it's the rest of the system first.

    If it's not the system then you can try putting the video card in another system and trying it with the same monitor and cable. If it works then your video card might not agree with your system for some reason even if neither part is seems defective otherwise.

    I assume the problem is the video card because generally any problem on the screen is a video card problem.
  4. Bad PSU is on the table too.

    PSU problems can disguise themselves as problems with anything else.

    If you have a different one laying around you might want to consider switching them out to see if the problem remains.
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