Built new system. won't boot

ok heres my parts list

amd phenom ii x4 2.8 cpu (newegg) (brand new)
arctic silver 5 (new egg) (brand new)
xfx radeon hd 6790 1gb dual fan gpu (newegg) (brand new)
xfx pro650w psu (newegg) (brand new)
asrock 890fx deluxe4 mobo (bought from friend)
500gb hdd (old one) (not even sure where it came from lol)
and got a 1gb stick and 2gb stick of ddr3 1333 in it right now (kinda older sticks)
corsair h40 cpu water cooler (took thermal paste off that came on it and put arctic silver 5 on it)
old dvd drive out of a gaming pc of mine from like 5 years ago
cooler master cm690 tax mid tower case (bought from friend, this and the mobo above i got for $100)
and i have a 140mm and a 120mm fan on the front and front bottom of case blowing into case and a 140 and a 120 on top blowing out of case and a 120 thats attached to the h40 radiator on the back of the case blowing out.

ok heres what it does. when i turn it on for one the h40 is really loud but doesn't bother me. i get into the bios and it recognizes the ram and cpu. and says the cpu is running anywhere from 24c - 29c. i go into the boot setup and change it to the disk drive. and put my windows 7 disk in and at around 5% into installation it blue screens. I've tried a legal copy of windows 7 32bit. a illegal copy of windows 7 ultimate 32bit and a 64bit version. and I've tried a windows xp 9 in 1 disk. the 9 in 1 disk doesn't get as far as windows 7 does. and when i put darks boot and nuke disk in it goes for about 10 minutes and stops and shows a bunch of random stuff on screen. and every other time i turn it on it starts BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP and doesn't stop, and when i hold down the power button it goes BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP until it goes off. i really want this pc up and going

can anyone help please. I'm a huge gamer and this is my first gaming pc in like 6 years. been playing consoles and well i got tired of them and sold everything i had to build this pc. gotta have my games ;0

i also have a msi 790fx-gd70 sitting at the house that i acquired from a buddy but not entirely sure that it works. which would be the better mono to use. i look the way the msi looks but fear the asrock is better

im also ordering a new asus dvd/cd drive, seagate barracuda 500gb 7200rpm hdd, corsair vengeance 8gb (2 x 4gb) ddr3 1600, and 2 more blue led 140mm fans, and 2 more 120mm blue led fans all from newegg very soon. either within the next two weeks whenever i get my money from ebay or when i get my next check in two weeks.

does anyone know what i can do to get it up and running with what i have? when i get home late tonight ill put up the error codes that it is showing.
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  1. run memtest overnight and report back. it all points to ram... maybe mobo.
  2. i am betting ram. the mono i believe is good. i kinda trust the guy i got it from but can i run memtest just straight from a cd I'm guessing boot to it?
  3. http://www.memtest.org/#downiso
    download the bootable iso, burn to a cd and boot from that cd.
  4. +1^ to memory.... Try using 1 memory stick at a time. Make sure nothing is connected to your USB ports except the keyboard and mouse. Run a diagnostic on your Hard Drive to make sure it doesn't have any bad sectors.
  5. Try using only one memory stick. If one fails try the other one. Good luck
  6. alright I'm about to download memtest and go ahead and put it on a disk so it'll be ready when i get home later tonight. i will update in the morning. thanks for the quick replies.
  7. alright so i tried running memtest and it wouldn't boot to it...? (is it because i made the disk on a macbook? just a thought)
    but i put in a windows disk messing with it and ran the windows memory diagnostics tool. ran the first 4 tests and passed them. but when i ran the extended test is failed at 21% "hardware problems were detected". I'm guessing since the windows memory diagnostics tool fail and found hardware problems that it is the RAM?

    and every time when i turn the system on the first thing that pops up is:
    1394 GUID are invalid in both CMOS and Flash!
    Press F1 to Resume

    my motherboard has dr.debug on it and this is the codes its throwing:

    09-im thinking its D9 cause there isn't a 09 in the book. but D9 is- store the uncompressed pointer for future use in PMM. Copying Main BIOS into memory. Leaves all RAM below 1MB Read-Write including E000 and F000 shadow areas but closing SMRAM

    31-allocate memory for ADM module and uncompress it. Give control to ADM module for initialization. Initialize language and font modules for ADM. Activate ADM module.

    2c-initializes different devices. detects and initializes the video adapter installed in the system that have optional ROMs

    38-Initializes different denies through DIM

    the 2c scared me cause it has video adapter in it. and its a brand spanking new hd6790 from new egg. which i know that i can get it replaced if it is bad but its so purty i like looking at it everyday when i get home since i can't play games on it right now lol.
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