My comp turned off by itself & now it won't turn back on

earlier around 2a.m my computer turned off by itself & left a blue light flashing where my ON button was. i tried to reset it nothing happened so I unplug it & plugged it back and tried to turn it on, nothing so I searched online on what it might be I tried "unplug the psu & hold the ON button for 30 secs" that gave me power about 1 sec & the fan to move a little but still won't turn on. I've search other ways also like Jump starting your PSU, when I did it was running the fan was working so im guessing it has power. I plugged everything back in and still wont turn on. I also tried the reset CMOS. I'm still not getting any power could this be my psu ? or my motherboard? I've had this comp about 7 months only and this is the 1st time ive had this problem. I'm also about to buy a new battery for my motherboard later on today and see if that fixes if not any suggestions what might be the problem?
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  1. This is almost certainly a bad PSU. Happens all the time. I would get a spare PSU of close spec disconnect everything from the mobo that isn't require for initial start and try that.
  2. We would like as much information as possible to help, including complete system specs. Also please let us know of any recent hardware or software changes. Is this a home build or prefab?
  3. Sounds like the PSU.. Whats the exact make and model of the PC?
  4. +1 for bad PSU. Flashing power light almost always indicates a failure in the PSU. Solid light indicated motherboard(but not always). Could also try swapping memory around... but most likely a dead PSU. That CMOS battery won't fix your problem...
  5. If its an HP their boards flash the power light when either the 12volt or 5 volt in the psu fails.
  6. bucknutty said:
    If its an HP their boards flash the power light when either the 12volt or 5 volt in the psu fails.

    So does Dell's..
  7. thanks, my specs are

    AMD phenom II X4
    Mobo : 870A-G54/ 870U-G54 MSI
    4GB Patriot 2X2kit DDR3 1333
    EVGA GTX460 768MB PCIE 1+1
    1tb Samsung Sam 7200RPM SATA HD

    i bought all this parts & put them all together myself & some help.
    and there wasn't any recent programs installed or hardware not that i know of at least been using this comp everyday & i have not put any new hardware or installed anything unusual.
  8. See if you can borrow a PSU to test, or even a PSU tester... Or maybe take the PSU to a local Computer shop to test it.
  9. thanks i'll try to get or borrow someones psu later on today alot of things are happening right now. just frustrated that i can't get a little rest this month. thanks guys i'll update it when i get/borrow a psu and test it out.
  10. When it rains, it pours... good luck :)
  11. okay guys, so i manage to borrow my friends extra 700 watt psu and i tried it on my comp still won't turn on. Now im thinking its my motherboard I checked it online and I have warranty on it and looks like i'll be getting a new one.
  12. hey guys back again with more problems..

    i called the company msi and the guy i spoke to told me to do the following steps:
    1. unplug everything
    2. take out the motherboard battery
    3. wait 1 min
    4. put everything back
    5. turn it on and see if it worked.

    This is with a new psu corsair gs700 watt and when i turned on my computer it powered up but a sparkle/pop came out of my transistor where it powers up my motherboard from my psu (8 pin) & now i called MSI once again and told them what happened and i'll be getting a new motherboard as soon as I get my RMA # now the problem is..

    is my CPU/Processor, Video Card, HDD, still good?
    Keep in mind there was no smoke/fire from anywhere just a sparked/pop of electricity came out of my motherboard transistor (where the psu cable powers up my mobo) & there was no burnt smell or anything either.

    are my other hardware safe? or did they also get fried along with my mobo..?
  13. Chances are if the boards voltage mosfets are even the vrm crapped out the chip is fine. Normally they die and undervolt which does nothing. If they died and over volted in a big way and caused a huge spark and a arc then anything is possible.

    I would not stress over the other components until you try the new board and confirm their is a problem.

    I have seen lots of boards and PSUs blow up but the only dead CPUs i have ever seen are ones that were over clocked or over volted intentionally.
  14. bucknutty said:
    Chances are if the boards voltage mosfets are even the vrm crapped out the chip is fine.

    I'm sorry im having a hard time understanding this statement

    also this had nothing to do with my psu being 8 pin is it? my old psu was a 4 pin but my motherboard supports 8 pin the other 4 holes were covered up and i just uncovered it. when i get my new mobo should I use the same psu right now that i got? or the old one "old psu OCZtech 700 watt" " new psu corsair GS700 watt"

    or couldve that also fried along with my mobo?
  15. It's possible, but i doubt it. The voltage mosfets are what regulates the power going to the CPU.
  16. oh ok as long as my other hardware & my files that i didnt manage to back up yet are safe their more important as long as i can still get them im happy.. all this problems are just to stressful :/ thanks guys i'll update again if i have more questions and problems.
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