Switching between mulitple networks

In the course of the day, i go between many networks, mostly peer to peer workgroups not domains, mostly wireless.

After I connect to them i have access to the basic network functions such as internet acess, but my questions I\is, how can I get the more advanced functions such as file and print s? when i connect to these networks those functions do not seem to be there. thank you

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  1. You'd need to setup a shared printer. Install a printer on a PC or server on the workgroup, share it out. You'll want to have your User account setup on the PC with the shared out Printer (Or give the printer share Everyone access) and install the printer. You can create an IP port and have it print to the IP address (which I don't recommend). I would just go out to the UNC and install the printer - \\servername\ and double click on the Printer. It'll prompt you to install the Printer, hit yes, it's installed.

    Any files you want to share, set your laptop's local account (user and password) up on each PC you want to connect to for files. -- Your laptop has a local account. For authentication, create a local account on the server/pc identical to your laptop's user (same username and password) and then you'll have authentication between the networks.
    If you share out a folder that you regularly need, you could map to the drive (NET USE x: \\server\\share) or use the Map Network Drive wizard in Windows.

    If you need better step by step instuctions on how to do the shares, map drives, etc, just ask and I'll walk you through.

    I'll need to know what Operating Systems you're working with, what your laptop's OS is, etc.
  2. I'm sure there is a free app out there to make location profiles. My thinkpad has its IBM Thinkpad Connections manager that auto switches between networks as you plug into them. It can switch over anything including default printer, proxies, can run scripts (could map network drives and such), and more.
    Something like this: <A HREF="http://www.mobilenetswitch.com/" target="_new">http://www.mobilenetswitch.com/</A>

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  3. thanks for the repleys, it was my son trying to be sneeky and get info about wardriving. i really need to stop saving the password..

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  4. Hope he's over 18 so you're not liable.. :)
  5. Well, a locations manager isn't going to help him much for wardriving so we didn't aid him that much :)

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  6. hahah Looks like you got your hands full there pal, But if he knows that much about pc's and knows about wardriving... why doesn't he just make his own account on THG? lol that' would be the first thing he woulda done don't ya think? lol

    ok ok i don't wanna give him any advice


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