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I've upgraded in to a soyo k7ada motherboard with a 1.33mhz athlon and 256meg ddr ram. I installed windows me and encountered installation problems through the whole process. It installed fine the first time, but keep booting into safe mode, now im getting exception errors everytime it reboots. the blue screen of death appears with. I've tried reformatting and reinstalling between xp and me, and the same thing happens...Im concerned the memory maybe bad, or i have a faulty chip..reason being i got a thermaltake cooler for the chip and it went on very tight, and i tried this new cooling case for the memory...Could this be the problem. I thought i had interrupt problems, and that was it, but now i have all the hardware out, except the pci video card....this problem really started when i adjusted the bios settings. I enabled the audio and gameport on the mainboard...and now its doing this. help!!!!
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  1. If you reset the BIOS back to the manufacturer's "safest" default settings, and disable the integrated audio, are you then able to install the operating system?


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