Asus at3ion-i deluxe keeps disconnecting from internet

Hello everyone,
I am having an issue with my motherboard/ internet connection. when I am torrenting over a WIRED connection, my internet will randomly disconnect from the internet. my network will have the yellow triangle with the ! in the middle.

steps i've done:

1. removed router from equation and still disconnects
2. tried different cable and still disconnects
3. tried reloading the OS from 64bit to 32 bit and still disconnects
4. downloaded latest drivers from realtek and still disconnects
5. tried wireless and it works fine

now i have onboard wirelessN as well as gigabit internet (everything is brand new). wireless works fine but that may be because it is not reaching the same speed/connections as my wired connection. im thinking its my onboard nic but it works fine unless I am doing heavy torrenting. i wouldnt mind wireless but this is an always on HTPC/server

can any one help me? thank you all!
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  1. Try an add-on nic. You can get them pretty cheap, or free if you know people, to test in the system.
    Have you tried lowering your connection speeds or number of torrents to see if that changes anything.
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