Problems with p8z68-v

My newly installed Asus GTX560
is not detected on this mobo. No signal is sendt to display. No led waring on the mobo. The cooler fan of the card is tuning, that's all. I tried to reset the cmos but it doesn't help..I also tried to upgrade Asus bios but no connection with their server is made, even if firewall disabled..
The display works fine if I use the dvi output from the mobo though.
If I insert the 2 power plug in the GTX560 then even the video signal (dvi) from the mobo disappears! (The technicians in the shop showed me that he got a video signal with those 2 power plug connected)

I will be greatfull if someone can help! :) I have been spending some hours on that now...:/

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  1. What psu do you have ?
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