Is i7-3770k or i7-3770 better for my use? Could use some help

Looking to purchase one of these two processors today but am not sure which would be the best for my use. My build is being used about 50/50 for video editing and gaming. I don't plan on overclocking anytime soon but like the option of being able to do so down the line as technology progresses and starts to push my processor more. Right now there is a $30 difference between the k series and non k series and I'm wondering if that extra $30 is worth it for what I'm looking at accomplishing.

I'm also not too familiar with the functions the non k series has that the other one does not and have no idea if that has any benefit to video editing/rendering. If anyone has any insight on this I'd greatly appreciate it.
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  1. Main difference: You cannot overclock a non "k"... "k" series are unlocked so they can be OC'd.

    If you never want to OC then i7-3770. if you want the option go "k"
  2. Go "K" i5,i7:1156 mobo.USB3.0,SATA-6.Asus/Gigabyte both gd mobos,
    O.C. up to 4.85G,make sure memory strap is 8x,takes FSB from 1333 to 1600mhz.Stick with1600mhz Ram-16Gig.O.C.multiP@22x, base clock @191mhz,VC@1.35v,Qpi/Vtt@1.2v,Cpu Pll@1.9v,multiplier@22x and 220mhz base clock spd.Wont overheat at that.Watch her rip it up,better than many i7 1155-overpriced rigs.You wont regret 1156 "K" builds,90% spd.Compare. Check Intel reviews and u will see.You be wrapped with i5-2550K or i7-875K.
  3. The i7-3770 is shiite.Go the K and watch her go!
  4. for video editing and rendering no need OC .. turbo is enough ( also depend your GPU min gtx 660 or above will good also softaware ehmmm maybe after effect / power director ) also good for game
  5. Many folks buy expensive 2100mhz etc ram,put it on Wrong mobo,run Wrong CPU.Think they going FAST! NO! Just wasting $.If FSB not up there,Dream on,ever heard of default? Go cook the CPU.Waste more $, wack on a water-cooler.Yeah, thats the usual drama.Chuck a racer together for 8spot easy as.
  6. Forgot to mention.Make sure you have 64 bit program,the max a 32 bit program will allow to access and use is 4 Gig of ram.Ive seen them chucking in 8-16Gig on 32 biters.Wasting the $ agen.64bit will use all the ram you throw at it.Im sorry to appear to be rude to any1,but these are just garden variety facts.
  7. Since gaming is one of the uses for your setup, go for the i7-3770K. In addition, stock speed for 3770K out of box is 3.5 GHZ vs 3.4 GHZ for 3770. Also, OC would be useful in the months to come when newer technology makes OC a real usable feature.

    Am using i7-3770K and so far the OC function is great!
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