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Building Oil Cooled PC!!

So I've decided to start building an oil cooled computer. My friend had an old hp G60 computer with a broken screen lying around so that's what I'm going to use. Although I've built desktops before, I've never attempted an oil PC build and I've never worked with laptop parts before. I am planning on using mineral oil and probably a 6 gallon aquarium tank and then mount the PC to a piece of acrylic. I'll put the hard drive and DVD burner on the top with like a slit to use it. Hopefully I can get some testing in before the summer (I have a pretty hefty workload this semester). The questions I have are:

-I've heard the mineral oil will eat up some plastics, sometimes leaving the components floating at the top, what should I expect to dissolve and how can I prevent that?

-I'm planning on just putting the whole motherboard in the oil, do I need to remove the thermal paste or heat sinks or anything before I put it in oil?

-There are a couple random plugins that were empty when I received the motherboard (I'm not sure if it was like that before my friend opened it or not) and I wanted to know what they were for. Is there like a way I can get a detailed manual or something that says it? I've checked the owners manual and it offered little help.

-I know a lot of laptops are proprietary, but is there a standard motherboard mounting configuration for the hp G60?

-What are some solutions to making the display ports and usb ports accessible? I've thought about putting the motherboard to the side of the tank and sealing it with silicone and buying some extenders and just putting them all at the top of the tank. What would be the best way to do this?

-Any other build advice or some resources would be helpful!
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  1. why i n the world do u need an oil cooled pc?!
  2. What are you doing with a laptop , I'm a little confused with your setup and not sure where this laptop comes into play. Are you taking a laptop apart? If not what are you doing with the fans and are you putting the battery in the oil as well?
  3. i was interested in what you said and so found this its great read!!!

    hope it helps
  4. You should only do this with desktop parts that are so EXTREME you need to cool them with oil, like 4x 7970s or something.
  5. You have to admit though it looks pretty cool :D
  6. Don't let anyone discourage you, I've seen several builds in mineral oil and they work fine. Good luck, this is a good idea and I hope it works out for you.
  7. I do agree that it looks pretty cool and different but I don't think you realize the amount of work that you are getting yourself into. As long as your prepared for that then good luck
  8. Thanks for the replies! So basically what I am trying to do is take out all the laptop components minus the screen and dunk them in oil. Its more for the aesthetics than performance, but I figured it would be a nice project that I could work on this semester and the summer. At this time I do not have a battery so I'm not sure if I can just plug in the charger and it would work. If I do need a battery I would probably mount it on top away from the oil. As for the fan (there is only one), I'll probably just leave it on for oil circulation. Keep in mind that this build is just for fun and looks, I just wanted to try it and see what happens.
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    You can probably find the service manual for that laptop if you google the model number or motherboard. A service manual will tell you which parts are compatible with that laptop shell, proper disassembly, and basically where everything goes. You can get the service manual from HP but it seems time consuming to request one so I never tried since I find them online :p.

    Now if you're worried about protecting connections and what not there are things you can do about it. Take the example from extreme overclockers and protect vulnerable parts with acrylic (or just use nail polish :D ).
  10. Unfortunatly the battery has to be attached to the laptop and would then be in the oil , you would have to see if there was a way to seal the battery off from the oil.
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  12. why would that battery need to be connected? i never have my laptops battery in while at home.

    also to all the nay sayers. you got to start somewhere and why not with a cheap laptop?

    it should work and mineral oil is great for cooling.... well atleast at absorbing heat it is.
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