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2x6pin Card using only 1x6pin

Hey so I wanted to buy an ATI Radeon 5850 which requires 2x6pin connectors to power the card, however, my power supply only has one 6-pin connector. Does this card REQUIRE 2 of the 6pin pci connectors to run, or as long as there is enough power going through the single connector it will still run?

Additionally I was wondering if my PSU can support the 5850. I currently have an Antec 430W green.

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  1. The card needs the two 6 pin to run properly. I suggest you upgrade your power supply to at least 500W.
  2. Yes the card would require both 6 pin connectors, your PSU isn't designed to power such cards, hence the single 6 pin connector.
    AMD recommend a PSU with atleast 500W, although your PSU is of good quality it just doesnt have the power for a HD5850 (+ The rest of your PC)
  3. Alright so follow-up question,

    I was looking at the 5850 due to its performance over the 6850, but the 6850 is more efficient and draws much less power. (And it also only need 1 6-pin connector)

    This should work with my PSU right?
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    I'm pretty sure a 5850 is 151 watts. The PCI express slot supplies 75 watts, and a 6 pin PCI express connector supplies 75 watts. A better choice for your situation may be a 6850 which should be similarly priced with similar performance but uses about 30 watts less and only requires one PCI express 6 pin.

    You may be ok with purchasing a molex adapter and using that for the second connector
    usually one or two of these will be included with a new card anyways.
  5. I would rather have a 5850 personally, but with new DX11 games that do tesselation and stuff, the performance is pretty close with a 6850.
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