In need of wisdom!! (Antec 650w Strictly power)

I can't seem to find a Decent and reliable PSU for under $100 im looking around the 650w area and this is all i could find.

These are Australian Prices so add 10% on the average US dollar. (Just recommend something in your dollar and i will go searching)

its going to power 2ndGen i5 2500 a few fans, hard drives and a 6850 and possibly a bigger card down the track.
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  1. Corsair Enthusiast Series is great, Seasonic S12II or M12II PSUs are another great choice. Do you have any other sites that we can peruse?
  2. For a 6850 you only need a 450W PSU and a good quality 550W PSU will power any single-GPU rig out there. Are you considering SLI?
  3. well its for a mate who's PC unfortunately, and catastrophically went caput.
    Just no video to the screen Whatsoever and we just replaced the GPU, so we are thinking the Mobo controller died.

    He could possibly go crossfire, or end up will a cheap 500 series card.

    one other site is this
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  5. Seasonic psus murder anything in the market, they are second best to none.
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  7. Thanks for the feedback, sadly the XFX wasn't in stock and they are unsure of the next batch. So i will be looking towards an Antec EA-650
  8. A good choice - enjoy!
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