HIS Radeon 6770 VS Gigabyte Radeon HD 6870

HIS H677FN1GD Radeon HD 6770 1GB $109 - $10 rebate card= 99
Gigabyte Radeon HD 6870 Windforce 1gb
(should i get gigabyte,xfx,sapphire, or powercolor?)

phenom II X4 955
OCZ ModxStream 700w
8 gb memory
playing on 19' monitor
want to be able to play modern games at atleast med settings

was going for the the 6870 but then asked my self how much more performance would it give me over the 6770?
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  1. so gigabyte isnt good? even though it has three fans?
  2. I would go with the 6870, it is more future-proof than the 6770. It has enough power to play today's games at the highest power, and most coming out as well.
  3. Looking to Buy hd radeon 6870 , Powercolor cheapest of them all but i want the most reliable , the gigabyte looks like it has good cooling (3 fans) which one should i go with?
    phenom II X4 955
    OCZ ModxStream 700w
    8 gb memory
    playing on 19' monitor
    want to be able to play modern games at atleast med settings
  4. Not a bad idea to consider the Gigabyte card with the 3 fans. Better cooling means less heat which gives your card more reliability and logetivity.
  5. Gigabyte ain't bad but the others are better. I have a gigabyte and not completely happy with it.
    Also warrenty is better with xfx i believe. ( lifetime in the USA )
  6. You're probably from Spain i realize now, so lifetime warrenty wouldn't apply :whistle:
  7. Euh, Monsta ; don't wanne nag or something but your ssd is probably Corsair, not Corsiar. ;)
  8. This next topics has been merged by Mousemonkey
    Gigabyte vs XFX vs Powercolor vs HIS VS Sapphire
  9. i am from canada , would the lifetime warranty apply to me?
  10. Spain, Canada, allmost right . . .

    Good one, don't know that, probably not, seems to be only the case with the Yanks :D
  11. I think they might look at the warrenty at the right part of the screen ; http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150563
  12. Hahaha thanks Robjordy for picking that up, Corsiar sounds rather exotic doesnt it it.LOL
    BTW yeah go with the 6870 over the 6770.
  13. Like Caviar :lol:

    Gigabyte warrenty is 3 years, but i do see some others with lifetime like Visiontek :ouch:
  14. Sapphire only 2 year, meh !
  15. how about the flex edition (sapphire 6870) would that benefit over the regular sapphire 6870?
  16. The flex edition allows you to use Eyefinity without the use of display port , it works with just the DVI connectors from the back of the card if you are running 3 monitors.
  17. ok i am always going to use 1 monitor , how about powercolor bad company?
  18. Personally I like XFX over powercolor, and right now I would really consider getting a 2gb model of the 6870 as the latest games like Skyrim and BF3 are pushing the vram bracket. 1gb is starting to lose its appeal.
    Here is a card worth considering at 179 with rebate.
  19. XFX VS Gigabyte , i cant afford that right now i think i will be fine with the 1gb for now , but do u think the 3 fan will make a difference on the gigabyte??
  20. No problem , the Gigabyte one is a good card, I have the 560ti version and the Windforce cooler is awesome.
  21. XFX lifetime warranty does apply in canada! now , what would u choose between the two?
  22. My GTX 560Ti SOC with Windforce is pretty loud imo. I had a XFX 6870 BE which was more silent.

    I would go for the lifetime guarantee.
    If you ever wanne sell this card second hand that will be a big selling promo imo.
  23. tru i guess xfx it is , thanks guys
  24. Robjordy is right, go with the lifetime guarantee that XFX has to offer, I have owned 3 XFX cards and have never had a problem with any of them.
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