Should i upgrade to 3570k from a 2500k

The 3570k had been released and i currently have a 2500k. The price of the 3570k is currently $190 dollars on right now. Is the 3570k a lot better then the 2500k or is it not worth the upgrade. And just a heads up if you are going to buy a 3570k or any of the I7 ivy bridges from microcenter you will get $50 off an intel LGA 1155 motherboard, Microcenter is having some crazy good deals:D
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  1. Not really worth the upgrade. See,3181.html for more information. it's really not a considerable performance boost from Sandy Bridge.
  2. No. You pay a lot of money and time with risk for 0% - 7% theoretical increase you won't see.
  3. Nope. if you have Sb better off waiting for Haswell next year.
  4. Haswell won't really be that Much of an upgrade from sb. Wait until skylake!
  5. amuffin said:
    Haswell won't really be that Much of an upgrade from sb. Wait until skylake!

    Will skylake be that good of a upgrade?
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    Forget it...

    You may over clock if you have not done so...

    Some one with a SB should wait for Skylake. It is a pretty long stretch between now and late 2015; but I think that's the upgrade / new build time for you. :-)
  7. $190 for zero real world performance gain, it's a no brainer.
  8. I'd say if you have SB just keep what you have. For people like me who are upgrading from a Core 2 Duo, go ahead and jump on board with Ivy Bridge so you can atleast gain access to PCI 3.0 for future upgrades in video cards. Thats just my 2 cents.
  9. No.
  10. Don't bother. Stock performance is barely better and the i5-2500k will overclock better.
  11. Maybe in 5 years we will actually use PCIE 3.0!
  12. No. That would be quite pointless
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