Where to buy hardware?

Just a quick question, other than Tigerdirect.com and Newegg.com, what is a good website to purchase computer hardware. Thank you
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  1. Amazon is usually pretty good.
  2. newegg is the only place I'd buy for most components . If you have a microcenter near you it would be worth a look . There cpu prices are very good . If your looking for modding mat's / watercooling check any of these
    http://www.frozencpu.com/index.html?id=ZIm62bJe Thats all I got .. happy hunting
  3. add performance-pcs.com for misc building and modding supplies
  4. /\ + 1 .... yup forgot that one .. good call
  5. Thanks for all the great suggestions guys, found everything I needed. Its too bad Monarch went under, they were good back in the day
  6. No problem ,, " Its what we do " lol , good luck with your build
  7. Never seen that site before Bill, thx
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