Best fans for HAF-X

Hi Everyone,

I have a HAF-X case and i was thinking about replacing all of the fans to improve airflow.

So what are the best fans on the market right now? I'm open to anything to be honest. As long as they don't sound like a jet turbine :P

Also, a red inbuilt LED would be preferred.

Thanks to anyone that can help :)
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    first,HAF X stock fans are good enough and have plenty of airflow.i won't suggest changing them.but still if you want then replace the 200mm fans with megaflows-
    and 120mm with cougar 12cm fans-
    and if you really want red led then prolimatech(one of the finest cooling device maker)120mm is a good choice-
  2. no LEDs, but Gentle Typhoon 120mm's are some of the best out there. pretty expensive, but you get what you pay for:

    hellfire's 200mm is a good choice.
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