How can I get high speed hdmi out of a minidisplayport?

Ive been tearing the internet apart trying to find one of these.

Browsed idk how many sites and called several stores, gave up when I found this article.

My 5870's are 3d ready ati cards with the right software installed etc. In order to do 3d, I need to be running a high speed hdmi cable from my gfx card.
Well, because there are no straight high speed minidisplayport to hdmi cables in existence, My only other option is to use an adapter.
Question is, will I still have a high speed hdmi connection using a high speed hdmi cable with a minidisplayport to female hdmi adapter?

O and yes, that is the only connection type these cards have on them, I didnt realize it till I got them. I never woulda bought them if Id realized, But I was to lazy to send em back...sigh
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  1. Actually you can use DVI for that, since DVI and HDMI are basically the same, except that HDMI also transfers sound, in addition to video.
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