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Skyrim and Asus DirectCU II HD 6970 (Low FPS)

When Skyrim determines the best quality it always selects medium quality, when i first got the game i could easily play at ultra with 50-55 FPS but now ultra i would be lucky to get 5 FPS. All that has changed was that i updated the drivers to the 11.11, so i tried downgrading by uninstalling it then install all the 11.8 drivers etc. Still it says medium quality, when setting it to ultra right now i can get around 50FPS inside and outside i get 5 FPS were as i used to get 50 or 55.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition @ 3.6GHz
8 GB's of GSKill RAM
Gigabyte 880GA-UD3H Mobo
Asus DirectCU II HD 6970 @ Stock settings on 11.8 drivers
5400RPM 500GB HDD

If you guys need any info from me i will provide it, im just trying to find out why my graphics card performance has gone to crap.
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  1. Hello & Welcome.
    So what iam understanding is that you experience a massive drop in FPS suddenly.
    review this thread and try the fix stated by the OP and report back if it works
  2. I updated all the drivers for it to the 11.11 update and using the settings here: i get 1 or 0 FPS, i am running my GPU at stock settings.
  3. Download GPU-Z and see your core/memory clocks and also your temps, check that the CPU is running @ the full speed, disable "Cool n Quite" if necessary.

    I disabled cool n quiet, still with no avail it wont run at the settings that are displayed in the imgur link. I am getting 2 -3 FPS though, in order to play i have to take AA down to 4x without EQ
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    Your bus interface is running at x1 instead of x16. The card is not properly functioning. I've found, most the time this occurs, it's due to a poor seating of the card. Try removing it, cleaning the contacts and blowing out the slot and reinstalling it.
  6. Oh well i feel like a dipsh** haha i just saw that on GPU-Z
  7. That's kinda weird, first time to see such a thing, if it still reads PCIE 1.0, try to update to the latest BIOS, ensure that the card is properly installed in the first PCIE x16 slot.
  8. It makes sense now, i had taken my computer apart to do some cleaning and i guess i didnt seat the card right when i put it back together. Its now running perfectly again, all i had to do was take the card out and replace it.
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  10. It's always nice when the fix is easy.
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