No power light, just fans working.

My computer was working perfectly till today when it suddenly shutdown\restarted while i was playing Skyrim. Soon after the restart the power led was blinking. I decided to turn it off and restart it, but then even the power led wasn't responding. My cpu is the phenom II x4 950 BE normally clocked at 3.20Ghz but OC Genie kept it at 3.51Ghz. I tried resetting the bios by removing the battery and relocating the jumper, but still no luck. No light on the keyboard, no beeps, just psu and cpu fans working.
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  1. Sounds like a power supply issue, any chance you have another sitting around you can try ?
  2. I agree with jeremyp1979. Also, what are your system specifications besides the CPU?
  3. I don't have a PSU right now but ill give it a shot.
    Rest of the system specs are as follows :
    Motherboard : MSI 760GM
    GFX : ATI RADEON 5770
    Running windows 7 professional 64 bit.

    Any idea what are the symptoms of a burned cpu are ?
  4. A dead processor probably means your system won't even POST.

    Edit: What's your PSU btw?
  5. With that mild of an overclock, if your CPU heatsink/fan are mounted properly, I very much doubt you fried the cpu, especially using something like OC Genie, which is gonna err on the cautious side. The black edition processors are made to be overclocked, and people push them to ridiculous numbers.
  6. A 450W one that came with my casing.
  7. Changing the PSU did the trick, i couldn't find\afford a good one so i went for a 550W one. Does that mean i have to dial back on the OC ?
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