I need upgrade assistance please help!

plan on building a new pc for myself to play diablo 3 only. i do a little multitasking (music+vent+web+game) i dont need a whole lot. i just want to run d3 on max settings with 60 fps stable. what you guys think. i already upgraded to the evga 560 ti superclock its amazing and just wanted to get rid of my possible cpu bottleneck. i want to go from.

AMD Phenom X4 9850 to FX-4100
4 gb of 1066 ram to 8gb of 1333
i use a WD HDD that i plan to keep useing.
is it worth the money or should i just keep what i have>?

Thank you so much for any input im struggling to decide ive changed my cart in newegg about 200 times now.
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  1. Overclock.
  2. #1 - Remove all items from your cart and resign to waiting until tomorrow to make a purchase.

    What is your budget? What PSU are you using? What is the amperage on the +12V rail of your PSU?

    The Phenom X4 9850 only OC's maybe 300MHz or less. What's your motherboard? Does it support Phenom II/Bulldozer CPUs? Because I don't think the AM3+ FX-4100 has a DDR2 controller, so you might want to go with an AM3 Phenom II x4 955BE (C3 stepping).

    Are you running 1066 DDR2 or DDR3?
  3. if i upgrade to those parts i will also get the Mobo i need for them to run and new ddr3 ram just dunno if i should spend the money.
  4. You will also need another copy of windows.
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    You should fill this out:
    Make sure to include what you have and may reuse.

    I don't think you should rush out and buy anything. Wait a day to figure this out. You only need another copy of Windows if 1) Yours is an OEM version (most common) AND 2) You change the motherboard.
  6. OP, I'm closing this tab in my browser since you don't seem to be saying much. PM me if you come back.
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  8. Hey, you get all this sorted out? Feel free to send me a PM if you have any questions.
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