Full article print/save capability no longer present?

The site seems to have lost full article printing capability (which I generally used to save articles for reference purposes). To the Admins: Please restore this functionality as saving/printing 8+ pages to get just one article is highly inefficient, especially with the normal layout of the webpages (comment section, etc.). Tom's has always been a highly useful reference source (which is why I keep coming back to it) but without this basic functionality its not nearly as user friendly.
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  1. When did we have that function? I don't think I've seen an article set up in that way before here.
  2. Sorry for the delay.

    I've probably been using Tom's for a few of years, and its always had it during that time. There would be a printer icon after the article text and before the user comments. Clicking that would open up a "printer friendly" full version (all text and graphics) of the article. From there one could either print the article or save it using your browsers. So, instead of having to save a 20-part article as twenty separate web pages, one could "print" and just save it as a single archive (one long, 'cleaned-up' page). This allowed easy off-line use, and (for example) allowed one to organize related subjects in folders ("video", "CPU", etc.). One had to be registered and logged in for this feature to be available.

    So, that's the feature that now seems to be gone (logged in or not). Now, if one browses down and does some mousing about (using the "+ more" icon) one could (eventually) get a printer icon, but instead of doing what I describe above this simply activated the browser's print function, only printing the current webpage, not the entire article for multipart articles.

    In any case (checking now), either because of me being a "squeaky wheel" or for some unrelated reason, the functionality seems to be restored. If you are logged in, the printer icon is back where it used to be and clicking it gets the "printer-friendly" version of the article.

    For example:

    Printer-friendly version:

    Printer-unfriendly source page:

    Thank you very much "Tom's"!
  3. Glad to be of service. :)
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