What aftermarket cooler would fit in a Antec 200 Case?

Thinking of buying one once I upgrade my cpu. What aftermarket cooler would fit in my case?
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  1. Anything that is less than 200mm tall, I would shoot for 150 to 160mm tsll since you have the motherboard, mounts, etc that take up some distsnce.

    So.... anything that is around 150mm should suffice. Possibly larger. I have a CNPS 10x (160mm) cooler in a case with those dimensions and it fits fine, but kinda kills the airlow in the case since it (IMHO) is too big of a cooler for the case.
  2. Get the Cooler master V8 or if your ram is short base get the Coolermaster V10 but they expensive,well kind of, they are very effective and not that loud either.
  3. There are several refurbished V8 and V10 you can purchase right now for a much lower price with 30 day warranty.

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