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Can GTX 560 (non ti ) runs battlefield 3 at ultra settings

Hello ... Plz i need help cz am going to buy the gtx 560 and i have no budget to buy a higher vga card . I have 4 gb ram and intel core 2 duo e7500 2.93 ghz ... My screen resolution is 1600x900 ... If i bought the gtx 560 will the game work at ultra settings with no lag ?? If not plz tell me where will be the problem ..
Thank you.
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    Hello & welcome.
    The GTX 560ti is a bit faster than the GTX 560, GTX 560ti can max out the game @ ultra with 40 FPS @1080P, so you should be able to get a constant of 40 FPS @ your resolution which makes the game more than playable. But to ensure that happen, OC your CPU a little bit harder to get the most out of it.

    EDIT: Also you might wanna OC your GPU to get the most out of it, I completed the game ranging from 41-58 FPS with my HD 6950 OCed 920 core/1400 memory clocks @ 1080P
  2. Thanks for your fast reply ... But will my c2d cpu make the card lag or it's good ?? That's because i have no money yet for buying a new cpu ... I have now a 5450 and it sucks ... if i bought the 560 with c2d cpu ... Will it performs as if i didnt upgrade ??
    Thank u and sorry bad english :)
  3. well, the CD E7500/8500 perform similar to a quad core phenom ii 955 BE so you should be fine. but i strongly recommend you to OC the CPU to achieve the maximum FPS.
  4. Thank u so much , so am going to buy it :D but plz tell what is the name of the overclocking software?? And can i oc my cp or i have to take it to the shop to be oced ... Sorry am a little noob in this :)
  5. Open a thread in the OCing section here, post all your system specs CPU,RAM,GPU, MOBO, CPU cooler and wait for responses. :)
  6. Ok Thanks alot .. u helped me so much :D
  7. You're welcome, anytime.
  8. And plz check this out , he played it with my cpu and a lower card than 560 and its good :)
    What do u say about this ??
  9. He played @ 1024x768 resolution, at mostly medium settings. You need to play @ ultra @ 1600x resolution, it's a big difference.
  10. There's no way in hell you can play on ultra, even on that resolution, unless you're ok with slideshow-level framerates. I know some people that don't mind that, and it's really weird.

    BF3 is a game that doesn't look significantly worse as you go down the graphics settings. There are videos out there of the developers talking about it. You will be fine on high or medium.

    I would not recommend picking a preset like ultra, high, or medium because there are many settings bundled up in there and each of them has a different cost to performance and a different effect on image quality. The first thing I would disable is both kinds of anti aliasing. It will make the game much smoother.
  11. Y cant i play it on utra ... If u visited nvidia website u will find that gtx 560 is from recommended cards for bf3 and also a c2d cpu is good for the game and my res didn't reach 1080p so i think it will run fine ... If it lagged with ultra am sure it well performs well with high ... Am i right ??
  12. That's true.
  13. I'd hold off for a few days. ....the new 560 Ti (release date Nov 29) is a 560 / 570 hybrid ... and will be same price reportedly as 560 Ti
  14. ultra 1920x1080

    should be fine provided you reduce AA or disable it entirely

  15. I'll buy BF3 when it hits the bargain slot at $15-$20
    What are you people THinking? Same game, bigger price. more hardware overhead. WTF?
    A GTX 560 is a rebadged 460. If you want to run Ultra, show the money for a video card!
  16. Hey guys thank u all for ur replies ... Just to know , i have the battlefileld3 and it runs smoothly on low settings with high texture at res 1280x720 with my e7500 and hd 5450 card ... So i think the gtx 560 will perform well :)
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