New Motherboard and Crossfire or new Video Card?

Current System (matx) : i5-2500k intel dp67de mobo, Radeon HD 5750, corsair tx650 psu I received a radeon 5770 for christmas. My intel dp67de mobo only has 1 pci express x16 slot. So to run the 5770 in crossfire with my 5750 I would need to upgrade the motherboard, and I am targeting the Asus Maximus 4 gene-z, which runs about $180. So my question is, should I upgrade my motherboard to the maximus, giving me crossfire, z68 chipset, and pci express 3.0, or should I just throw that money into a new video card and keep my current mobo till the next round of processors comes up? Which will be better for future upgrades? Thanks,
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  1. Get a 6870, its about the same performance as 2 5750's, and runs close to 170-180ish. With this you also don't have to worry about games that dont support CF, or have any worries about upgrading PSU to handle a second card.
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