New pc. Budget 3000 to 5000 usd.

hello guys i am considering building or getting a new pc.
Usage from least important to most: Work, Photo editing, video editing, Watch movie, playing games.
Current location:singapore.
Preferred website or vendors:None asking for recommendations.
So thats basically it guys. I am still thinking between z68 or LGA2011.I am thinking of getting a new modem also any recommendations?
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  1. What kind of work would you need to do?
  2. With that kind of budget (massive :P) I'd build a 2011 socket system with a 3960X or 3930K with CrossFire'd Radeon HD 7970, can't really go wrong with the fastest CPU and GPU available.
  3. Lol cant go wrong with fastest CPU i agree And the work i do are vid editing, photo editing so on and so forth, But i dont agree that the 7970 is the fastest around i am kinda chilling waiting for NVIDIA to roll out their kepler to compare before buying the gcard since i can use the GTX 480s from the build i am using now.
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