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Graphic artifacts

Lately have had graphic artifacts appearing in every game I have trying to figure out what is keeping me from gaming lately....I have Nvidia 460 GTX with the latest drivers, AMD Athlon x64 X2 with and Asus M2N-SLI motherboard with latest drivers. I haven't really been having any lag problems just things not what they should be graphically.

I just ran a memtest that ran smoothly....anyone that has an idea of what to try to get things back to normal I am all ears.
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  1. first thought is temperatures

    have you checked temps under load?

    Furmark is a good stress tester
    (just google it-free)
    I also like HWinfo32 or Hwinfo64 depending on 32bit or 64bit OS
    for a monitoring program

    check temps under load for about a half hour
    also check card and make sure it is clean
    blow out with canned air,compressor or hair dryer
    be surprised even in the cleanest houses how fast dust builds up
    on electronic parts

    if it is just recently after a driver update
    consider going back to an older more stable driver

    I actually stopped updating my GPU drivers after the card has been out
    for a year or so

    I will read the driver updates and see if anything applies
    but usually with an older series of cards (more than a year)
    you wont see too many changes
    unless a game you play has a problem and there is a driver hotfix for it
    then really no need to update

    also try pulling the card,wiping connector edge with isopropyl alcohol
    and reseating it

    cards like to wiggle around in the slots
    also can build up a clear film on gold edge connectors
    (iron oxide-beginning of rust)
    especially in salt water climates

    just throwing some ideas out there for you :)
  2. I updated the drivers because NFS: The Run was pissy about drivers.

    You just mean medical alcohol....?

    Live in Arizona, no salt water here :P

    I don't think it is heat the artifacts show up to soon but going to find Furmark now.....I have checked the temps (I have had computers I could have grilled steak on) so I know to check temps.....will stress and get let you know how that goes.
  3. Furmark started.....
  4. Max GPU Temp according to Furmark = that my problem?
  5. Best answer
    63c is fine
    was there artifacts b4 driver update?

    yes medical alcohol
    preferably Isopropyl 90 percent
    available in pharmacies
    though an old trick is to use a pencil eraser on the gold edge connectors
    learned that back in my Atari 2600 cartridge days

    also look at capacitors on the card
    google image capacitors,r:18,s:0&tx=162&ty=93

    if bulging or leaking then card is bad

    just pulling card and reseating it in slot can do wonders

    but really the main question is:

    Did you have the problem before installing new drivers?
  6. There were so artifacts before the driver update, they seem to have multiplied since the update.

    I have that, just making sure I wasn't going to hurt the gold with what I have :P

    Will look for small explosions.....explosions bad got it.
  7. yea bigger caps do make a nice bang :)

    but the ones usually in computers just leak

    and uninstall new drivers
    and go back a driver or two
    after exploring the other options
  8. Getting the card out of the computer now, had to watch the BCS explode.

    Looking at capacitors......all look fine.....some under giant fan.
  9. good
    blow it out
    clean edges
    firmly but gently seat in socket

    if you still have the problem
    consider a older driver reinstall
    it is a pain but could help

    I had to do it myself
    I used to always install latest GPU drivers
    and now just stay with the same one
  10. I do to and won't have but a game complained.....
    Cleaned gold/killed brain cells with alcohol :P
  11. dont light a match near that stuff LOL

    well it might be bedtime for me
    so if I dont come back I will check in the morning
    I hope it works
  12. Ok....just tested a game that has been having artifact issues.....not an out of place pixel.....I did not test game that artifacts started in.....but do you think I need to?
  13. Ok computer back to very happy you are awesome!

    When computer has issue give video card a bath.....makes total sense :P
  14. Best answer selected by saturnsown.
  15. I would test any of the games that had issues for at least 10 minutes each
    just for peace of mind if you have the time
    but sound good
    try it out for a day or two and report back
    even if it is all working good
    let me know
    I get emotionally involved in these things you know :)
    years of fixing computers (I have a small computer repair business; I will send you the bill later if it works good LOL)
    and it still gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when it works out for somebody
    Goodnight now
    1:12 AM USA EST time
  16. saturnsown said:
    Ok computer back to very happy you are awesome!

    When computer has issue give video card a bath.....makes total sense :P

    Thank you very much :)

    Moderators will close thread

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