Asus GTX 560 ti problem!

I encountered a strange problem with GTX 560 ti..the drivers begane refreshing while playing a game and there was a lot of stuttring..colors also changed and random artifacts appered..Sumtimes the screen would refresh..

i didnt know waht to do so i reinstalled my windows 7 and installed the drivers but it didnt work..i had bought the GPU a month back..with nothing else to do i opened my case and took out my GPU, viewed it and then placed it back again making sure it was tightly fitted and cables fully connected. Miracalously, the GPU worked and all the stuttring and artifacts and refreshing was gone..

I dont know what hapened but im still a bit nerveous..Is this a random incident r my GPU is getting faulty.. Should i replace it????

P.S The temp and voltages were all normal..
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  1. normally I would think overheating
    but reseating a GPU is standard troubleshooting procedure
    just being a fraction of a cm out of place could cause weird problems
    I would carefully monitor temps
    there are GPU stress testing programs like Furmark (just google-free download)
    which you can run in a small window and check temps
    max load temps generally shouldnt go any higher than 80c
    (unless your room temp is really high)
    and idle should be between 30-50c generally

    if you carefully mointor temps while stress testing
    and it runs fine for a half hour or more
    then it should be fine

    like I said cards have a way of wiggling out of their sockets
    or also it is easy to think it was in there when it wasnt fully seated
  2. From your descriptions sounds like poor seating.
  3. @JRP, Start your own thread.
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