Which should I go for?

Hello im gonna build a new system but is stucked wif 2 option.

Option 1 :
ASUS P6P67 Deluxe
i7-2700k/i5-2500k (will oc)
Cosair Hydro H100
2 4Gb Kingston Hyper X 1600 Mhz ram
Cooler master Silent Pro 1000watt
2 OCZ Vertex 2 480Gb
Cooler master Storm Scout
Acer S221HL

Option 2 :
*ASUS E-350
2 4Gb Kingston 1333Mhz ram
*80watt PSU along wif case
IN Win ITX Casing BQ 660
2 OCZ Vertex 2 480Gb
Acer S221HL

I usually watch videos online and game quite little.
Games tat i plays : Prototype,Pcsx2(emulator),F2P games,Minecraft

Thank you for reading !!
Plz reply to my post !
Im 14 so dont rly noe much :P
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  1. Hello xhackell;

    What are the prices for Options 1 & 2?

    For option 2: It's not a complete system ... what CPU? What graphics card?
  2. OK, option 2 is a AMD E-350 APU with only the Radeon HD 6310 graphics IGP?
  3. I dont mind the prices.
    E-350 APU comes wif HD6310
  4. Quite frankly, buying that much SSD storage is pretty much a complete waste of money.

    Give us your budget, and let's go from there.
  5. SGD$3k?
  6. You think it's a good idea to put $700 worth of SSDs into a system worth about $450?
  7. If i go for option 2,then future i might build a new system using them?
  8. You really should think about some middle ground between a i7-2700k CPU and AMD E-350 Fusion APU.

    Maybe an AMD A-8 Llano APU and it's AMD Radeon HD 6550D graphics IGP?
  9. XD at using an E-350 and putting a lot of money into an SSD.

    So you have how much money do you have to put into the system in USD?
    What is the primary use of the system? And why build yourself?
  10. Primary use...Watching video/game?
    I did mention,im 14.

    Its cheaper tat way ~
  11. I would go with your first system, drop the 2 big SSD's for a single 256(which would give you room for your OS and about 200g worth of games), and add a 1tb mechanical for a data drive. The 1000w power supply is also way overkill, you shouldnt need more than a 750w. That would also give you room to bump up to a much nicer video card, maybe a GTX 580 or AMD 7970, and stay within your budget.
  12. Approximate Purchase Date: months later

    Budget Range: SGD$3000

    System Usage from Most to Least Important:Watching videos - Play games

    Parts Not Required:Speaker

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts:newegg.com


    Parts Preferences:
    CPU : Intel
    RAM : Kingston
    HDD : WD
    SSD : OCZ
    PSU : CM
    CASE : CM
    CPU COOLER : Cosair(if liquid) CM(if air)
    MONITOR : Acer

    Overclocking: Yes

    SLI or Crossfire : Maybe

    Monitor Resolution:1920x1080

    Additional Comments:non
  13. xhackell said:
    Preferred Website(s) for Parts:newegg.com
    Probably not an option for you.
    Try www.newegg.com.cn
  14. I buy from local store...
    Should i type out the price here?
  15. No;
    In a few months time prices will change.
  16. And... which should i go 4?
  17. And in a few months time - we'll probably be recommending different parts too.
    Different CPU (Ivy Bridge) and different vidoe cards (Radeon HD 7xxx or Geforce 6xx)
  18. But i would lyk to stick to Sandy Bridge and Radeon 6xxx(if) or Geforce 5xx.
    If they really is out it will be expensive :(
  19. xhackell said:
    Budget Range: SGD$3000
    Your budget is plenty large enough for Ivy Bridge and Radeon HD 7xxx or Geforce 6xx
  20. Not rly.New socket 2011+CPU = $2000++ already
  21. Ivy Bridge is socket 1155. Sandy Bridge-E is socket 2011.

  22. I heard Sandy Bridge is gud for overclocking?
    How gud is Ivy Bridge?
  23. Really?Never heard b4.
    Im surprised tat nobody say tat i7 for watching video is overpower...
  24. You hear it around here all the time.
    It's wayyyyyyyyy over powered for watching video.
  25. I just heard it just now.
    But i emulate pcsx2 :(
  26. Just get a PS2 for $99 for games. LOL
    Seriously, just for watching videos (even 1080P)
    an Intel-i3 would do.

    In the US you can build a decent i3 machine for less than $450.
    An A8 could handle some light gaming if you don't want to get a graphics card.
  27. What was the deal then with your Option #1 and your SGD3000 budget?
  28. 1. I cant find 1 PS2 tat isnt 2nd hand in Singapore(i cant seems to find 1)
    2. I lyk 1080p on PS2 games !
    3. I do extreme games lyk minecraft !
    4. Trying to make a emulator for android (for fun)
  29. Is English your first language?

    Minecraft isn't extreme. I can run it on my laptop, which I am currently selling for $300 on ebay
  30. Yes,somehow.
    Minecraft keep running out of memory and uses 200-300mb of my ram !!
  31. I'm pretty sure that it is a software (Minecraft) issue.
    Do you hang out in any of the Minecraft forums?
  32. Sry for not being active.I got school...
    Thanks i will check it out
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