I want to upgrade my old simmtronics G31 motherboard

Hi I have a Simmtronics G31 e (K) motherboard With 4 gb of DDR2 800mhz Ram
And i want to upgrade my old motherboard with Asus P5G41T-M LX because my old motherboard is not Overcloking system Neither the Moterboard Overklochking and ddr3 ram please suggest me which mother board is perfect for me ASUS OR GIGABYTE
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  1. There are not many new LGA 775 boards available any more. The Asus board you mentioned, the P5G41T-M LX, doesn't have much voltage regulation and so I would expect that it does not overclock well.

    I can't just advise you about a board because I don't know where you live or what is available to you.
  2. ^ +1

    He is right randeep save money and upgrade your whole system later.

    The mother board you told is Rs 2650 on flipkart .

    Edit :-

    Gigabyte Mobo :- http://www.flipkart.com/gigabyte-ga-g41m-combo-motherboard/p/itmd69wpepyuwhgb?pid=MBDD69WPZD7G7GQY&_l=sQAdpMbziS0EZ_yHohYGtg--&_r=4i2sGH4JnPfN3hq4fLvWpw--&ref=865e0345-8e7c-4ad2-b1e4-1eced4efd25e
  3. Counting the capacitors around the socket is a quick and dirty way to judge overclocking capability, at least on LGA 775 boards.

    Compare it to this image of an Asus P5Q-EM
  4. i have simmtronics g41d3 can i overclock my intel pentium e5300 with it??
  5. Go into the BIOS and see what your options are. If you don't know what to look for or how to do it, well then you probably shouldn't try.

    Since the board was designed for an OEM system, the answer is probably no anyway.
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