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Graphic Card Fan Question

I have a ATI Radeon HD 4350 in my computer. I have been having some blue screen shutdowns. I decided to open the case and reseat the card and blow out the interior of the case just to start the process of finding out what might be wrong. All of the fans I have ever touched in a computer spin freely with no resistance at all. As I was working inside the case I reached in to the fan to spin it lightly and it does not spin like the free spinning fans I am used to seeing. It has a jerky spin to it and stops quickly. Is this normal for this device or should it spin freely like all the other fans?
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  1. There might be something stuck inside of your card, you can always use compressed air to blow out all of the dirty dust in the card.
  2. I did that. I was blowing out all the dust when I decided to check the fan and that's when I noticed that it did not spin freely like most computer fans.
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  4. How do you check the temp?
  5. get gpu-z or msi afterburner.
  6. I just downloaded Speedfan and ran it. Shows three fans and one has "0" RPM. What is GPU? It has a fire symbol next to it and it is 61C.
  7. Use gpu-z.
  8. I loaded GPU-Z but I don't see fan speed or temp for the GPU. Is it on there somewhere?
  9. Its in sensors, it takes a while to load.
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