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i am going to buy and new psu for my system i can't choose between the 3 available psu for me : xfx pro series 550 watts , Thermaltake Smart m550w PSU ,CORSAIR CX600 V2 80 PLUS PSU , so which one is better among them also i want to know the quietest one of the 3
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  1. XFX Pro 550W is the best PSU of the three listed. Tell us your system specs and we can verify that the PSU is sufficient for your PC.
  2. i am sure it will be enough : amd phenom x6 1090 t , mobo : asus m5a88-m , ram : 2*2gb 1333 , harddesks : 1 western blue and 2 western green , vga : 7770 oc and i am planning to do crossfire in the future
  3. You are correct - that PSU is more than enough. It could handle 7850s in CF without a problem.
  4. thanks rugger , just one more question is the xfx psu loud coz some one told me all xfx psu are very loud compared to other psu manufacturers
  5. XFX is made by Seasonic and IMO the best PSU mfr in the business. The XFX Pro 550W is based on the Seasonic S12II platform. I personally own an M12II (modular version of the PSU) and it is an awesome PSU; rock solid rails, quiet, and great warranty. If you running it in a 30-40C ambient temp range at high loads, then the fans will accelerate, but they are still quiet in my opinion and there are no bad harmonics that are annoying.
  6. Rugger said:
    You are correct - that PSU is more than enough. It could handle 7850s in CF without a problem.

    550w and 7850 cf,hhhmmm are you sure?
    600W power supply (or greater) with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connectors recommended for AMD CrossFire™ technology.
    i am a big xfx fan but i think a 600~ will leave enough room for overclocking and crossfire.
    but i have a solution too,silverstone strider 600w for $69-
    silverstone products are one of the finest and i have the same opinion for this power supply as it is highly rated.
    @islamthebest2,enjoy your build. :bounce:
  7. thanks rugger, hellfire as i said before i don't have many options in front of me as i buy from local shop the available power-supplies the 3 i mentioned before and hec 600 watts and cooler master extremepower and i think seasonic also so i have to choose between them
  8. Islam: The XFX is more than enough for your specific needs - enjoy!

    Hellfire: Yes I am sure. A single 7850 requires (1) 75W PCIe power connector; (2) 7850 in crossfire requires (2) 75W PCIe power connectors. The HD 6850 only requires 35A on the 12V rails for CF and the 7850s require less power. The XFX Pro 550W has 44A on the 12V rail and (1) 6-pin and (1) 6+2-pin PCIe power connectors. It has sufficient connectors and amps on the 12V rails.
  9. ^oh,i forgot to do the AMP calculation LOL.
    thanks for the info!
  10. Cheers!
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