Is samsung spinpoint 1TB 2.5" drive any good?

As the title says... Is the Samsung spinpoint 1TB 2.5" drive any good? I've always gone WD or Seagate, I've never used a Samsung drive. I saw this on Newegg...

Pretty cheap. Does anyone know anything about these drives? Or should I simply skip it and shell out the extra money for a WD? I would go with Seagate, but I can't find a 1TB one. I looked here...

It seems Seagate only sells 750 GB.
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    Samsung's disk factories were recently purchased by Seagate but brands still exist

    what is important is value for money and do you need need that big a hard disk

    [what might be useful even if at a premium price is shock protection including a accelerometer to trigger the hard disk to park or full disk encryption or a longer warrantee 1, 3 or 5 years]


    Mike Barnes
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  3. Thanks for the information. I actually found a WD WD10JPVT 1TB drive on Ebay for a similar price, I usually don't buy from Ebay but I'll risk it since the seller accepts returns and I have a paypal credit.
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