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Hey everyone. I am looking to buy a new laptop ASAP primarily for computer science school work. I already have a gaming PC I built so no need to take any sort of gaming into account.

I am doing mostly intro programming right now - python and java + other webtools. I am in my last semester of undergrad and enrolling in a Info Sec graduate program next fall.

I need something powerful and fast, no bigger then 15 ish". I was hoping to get a SSD (I have 1tb external HDD and a 1Tb in my gaming PC so space really isn't a main issue)

and UNDER $900 plz

any help would be awesome!

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  1. You can get a Sandy Bridge i5 laptop for $600-$700. Buy an SSD separately. That's basically what I did and I'm very happy with it.
  2. Toshiba and Lenovo would be two options to consider. I have a Toshiba Satellite and I love it (but have been having battery issues - looking to clear those up).
  3. I know you need this ASAP, but some of those ivy bridge ultrabooks are coming out soon and the acer version should fit your budget nicely and give you pretty awesome portability, an SSD and a modern cpu. I'll link some laptops that fit your current budget (given you will need to add an ssd yourself)

    Heres an Acer, even has a independent gpu:

    Samsung with i7 2670:

    Smaller but a cheap i5 alternative, giving you plenty of cash for a bigger ssd:

    you could also buy a refurb, not sure how reliable these are but sometimes this site has pretty ridiculous deals.
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