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I was hoping someone can help me. I've custom build my pc a few years back:

Intel Q8300 (2.5 GHz quad CPU)
MSI GeForce GTX260
2x2GB Ram @ 800mhz (DDR2)
I'm not sure what is my motherboard but I know I only have 1 AGPx16 slot.
Huntkey 700W power supply

I was wondering if I upgraded my graphics card and mabe upgrade the rest of my pc at a later stage. My question is which graphics card would you recommend for gaming on my current setup. I've seen alot of reviews but still unsure which to chose. I'm running on a 1920 x 1080 HD monitor. Also is is worth upgrading rest of my system for new games for ultra graphic experience as most important is the graphics card?
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  1. At that resolution, you probably won't need to upgrade just yet (see,2699.html). For ultra settings in all games, you'll probably want to use a Radeon 6970 or a GTX 580. From the link above, it seems dual GPU cards do get affected by the slower CPUs. Naturally, it all depends on your budget.
  2. Your AGP slot is a pci-e x16 slot . AGP was phased out much earlier than your hardware was made .

    Either a 6870 Radeon or nVidia GTX 560 [ not the ti] would be appropriate and run games well at 1080p . Anything more powerful than this will be bottlenecked by the cpu

    The Radeon is generally a little stronger but the GTX 560 does better in some games. The Radeon is a little cheaper , but setting it up will mean you have to remove all nVidia software and drivers on your computer first .
  3. Thank you chippies, but I don't see any of my pc specs in that thread.
  4. Thanks Outlander, as I mentioned before, I did some research. I've noticed that the Radeon 6850 is highly recommended performance/price wise. It is said that a 6850 can be overclocked to a 6870 spec. I just wasn't sure if my current setup would cope with those cards.
  5. Looking at,2469.html, which was part 1 of the balanced system guide, Outlander_04 is right for some games. So, if ultra settings are important for you, upgrade.

    That said, when do you plan on upgrading the rest of your PC? There would be little point in buying a GTX 560 or 6870 now if you're going to upgrade the rest of the computer relatively soon. Looking at the TH review of the GTX 560, it can't play some of the games on highest settings - they didn't even bother to test those settings, I guess there isn't a point for such cards. Also depends on your budget.
  6. Yes chippies, I was thinking about a crossfire or SLi setup later on. I stated the 6850 is best price/performance wise. Mabe I would consider those big cards if they became cheaper, PC parts in my country is bit expensive.. Mabe I must just wait and see if the GTX 680 series comes out if the prices drops a bit.
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