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Hi guys im about to go sli my 550ti but i want to know that if it can triple screen and be playable at sli. Certain games would be like bf3 etc. Also would it just be better to 2 screen it
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  1. It may have microstuttering issues.
  2. what do you mean by microstutterring issues? fps?
  3. 550's are a bit weak for three HD monitors
  4. what video card would you guys recommend
  5. For 3 monitors and a highly demanding game like BF3, I think you'll need a 6950 2GB at the very least to run it at a reasonable quality. A GTX 560Ti would be good too for a cheaper alternative.
  6. Microstuttering is when slight differences in the rates at which individual frames are rendered cause some of them to be skipped over, resulting in a lower subjective framerate. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-geforce-stutter-crossfire,2995-15.html
  7. thanks for all the replies and i looked into the 6950 and im just going to sell my 550ti and go with the 6950 for my triple screen (eyefinity)
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