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thanks for your opinions, I need to know which is the right router, to manage these elements:
in use, for internet connection, I've a dsl router with a fixed ip and framed route set of 8 public ip on the ethernet lan.
I asked to reseller, for a router able to bind more then public a ip on the ethernet wan int. , with Nat,DMZ, port forwarding, reverse.nat on public and the possibility to bind more then a private ip address on lan to divide internal and dmz trafffic. Possibily, not expensive.

I received the wgr614v9 , unable to bind more then a single ip address on wan and without any possibility to link a port of ip public to a specific port on private ip.
maybe i'm asking too much but i dont think so.

can you suggest to me your idea, to make the right choice of the router, if possible the wireless integrated can be usefull.
thanks a lot
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  1. Motorola Netopia® 3300 Enterprise Series Routers

  2. Emerald said:
    Motorola Netopia® 3300 Enterprise Series Routers


    Hello Emerald,
    ?? I found this just now.

    3387WG-ENT Features
    Availability: discontinued
    Warranty: 1 year(s)

    any other suggest ?
    thanks bye T.T.
  3. you are looking at a Business/Enterprise solution call a Cisco Agent.

    or try the Cisco website, I believe they have online chat where you could ask questions
  4. ok thanks, I'l try.
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