Sapphire radeon 6850 red dots on screen


I have installed 2 months ago a Sapphire HD 5850.

The Problem:
Small red dots appear on screen when at windows or playing a movie, never during a game.

Restarting and all is ok for 1-2-3-...5 days or till the next movie....

O/S win 7 64bit, 8GB ram, 2x640GB HDDs, Mobo Gigabyte GA965P, CPU Intel Core2Duo 1.86Ghz.
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  1. remove your card and blown air into slot and plugged it correctly also tighten the cable.
  2. many thanks pro gamer, but before i open the tower (which i had already cleaned before 1 month), i opened the CCC and
    overide the fan of sapphire to run at 40% (the noise is still minimum).

    since your post (15 days) so far so good...
  3. most welcome! My friend.
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