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I currently have a home server running on a 60W PSU that came with the case.

I will be upgrading my motherboard soon and buying a few more HDDs.

Would a 60W PSU be ok for a motherboard that draws around 30w, has 2 sticks of DDR3 RAM, a DVD-RW drive and has 3-5 HDDs.

Many thanks
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  1. Look for at least a 200w server psu. Low power can damage components, and it seems like your server right now is drawing 60W!
  2. Ok, so what do RAM stick draw?
    What do small fans draw?
    What do optical drive draw?
    What do hard drive draw?

    This might help me calculate it :)
  3. Ram, well I can't really calculate that for you :/

    Fans, draw roughly 0.1w-2w
    Optical drives 3-5w
    HDD 4-7w
  4. So assuming my motherboard does draw 30W, and after a google I think the RAM will draw 4Ws. The optical say is 5W and say the HDD that I have currently is 5W then total thats around 44W! Bargin. What I might do it buy a HDD enclosure for the other HDDs, so they will be powered independantly :)
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