I need some advice people! my new system cpu.

Hello Comrades, i want to build a new system and need some

help!,i have a few questions/dilemmas:
Now i got an am2 6000+, 2gb ram ddr2 800, m2n-sli motherboard

and a ati 4870 1gb.
My main use of the computer is online games, like Wow, Diablo

3 (...only fourteen days more.. /mad),programming c and java

aplications and sometimes make electrical schemes in CAD and

VMware servers, but the main use is for games.
What is the better choice for me €/performance? i5 2500k

186€, i5 3570k 219€, i7 2600k 262€, i7 3770k 315€.
which chipset z68 or z77?
I use the computer like 4-5 years before buy another.
and i dont make any OC.
and other question, a ssd of 60gb worth it for my use, the

system run fasts in games etc?

Well any advice is appreciated thanks a lot people!
ps: sorry for my english :/
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  1. If you are not going to overclock, you can save ~20% by downgrading to the i5-3470, still going to be a lot faster than what you have now and still fast enough to run games for the foreseeable future.

    Chipset does not matter as much as it used to since most critical functions are integrated into the CPU which keeps the chipset out of the performance loop most of the time. Apart from integraded USB3 controllers in z77 that should theoretically lower motherboard costs and simply wanting a same-generation chipset to complement the CPU, there aren't many other reasons to pick motherboards based on chipset.
  2. Thanks for the reply InvalidError, in the shop that i will buy the system dont have this model, in other case, the 20% is not a problem for my i only want a good computer for play games commented without throw the money for the window haha, but if the money worth the difference i dont have any problem, but only if worth it the difference, any more advice please? i want to buy all tomorrow :p

  3. 3570K out of those models. Z77 would be the way to go. I recommend this one:
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