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Change ram shared with gpu

hi all,
i was wondering how can i change the ram shared with gfx card ?
i have 8gb ddr3 ram 1333mhz and msi r6950 twin frozr iii pe/oc.(2gb)
and intel dh67bl
so is there any way i can change the ram shared with gpu ?
does the shared ram really matter ?
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  1. you got a dedicated gpu with its own vram, don't see how shared memory comes in. Only intergrated gpu shares system ram.

    unless you mean memory address space then you can't change how windows handles it and it does matter if you got 32bit as you get less ram and 64bit takes care of it.
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    Shared memory is how much RAM is reserved for use with with your on-board graphics. You have a dedicated GPU installed, so it does not matter, the shared memory feature is not a factor or even being used.
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