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I am looking for a decent budget case for this (unfinished) build. Need some recommendations!

I do not plan to do any modding/OC. Also do not care about window/messy wirings/etc. Might do an SLI/XF in the future though. Cooling and front USB 3s are probably my priorities with a case. hah! :p

Thank you! :)
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  1. The Corsair 550D looks promising, just wish the prices were slightly lower. :P
    Other than that I am fine with that case! Looks like all my parts should fit the mid-size just fine.
    Now for a deal...

    Thank you!
  2. If the 550D is too much, you could look at the Corsair 400R and 300R.

    The Lian-Li PC-K65 also might be what you are looking for at a lower price point

    Just a few more options to throw in there...
  3. Good suggestions! Thank you!
    I decided to go with the Corsair 400R which was on sale for ~$74.99 AR excl tax.

    On to building!
  4. good call !
  5. yes,400r is one hell of a great case-

    great cooling!

    great cable mangemment!

    plenty of room and clean looks!
  6. Nice case !! I thott you were a Silverstone and switch fan though HF :)
  7. ^well i am not a fanboy LOL.i do like great things!
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