Are Apus good at gaming?

I recently have got an asus f1a55m le mobo and a6 3500 apu is that pc good at gaming?& what is the best upgrade I can do for better performance?
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  1. please dont post the same question over and over--you asked this about 3 times now
  2. They're ok the main thing with the APU's is it's integrated graphics which most gamers won't use because they will have a discreate video card. I really don't see the point the of using an APU for gaming.
  3. only for very light level entry gaming at low resolutions.
  4. APU's are intentended for media/office pc's or low cost gaming rigs, generally not for enthusiasts or hardcore gamers but has the added benefit of asymetric crossfire which will see you play Skyrim and BF3 on medium or slightly better settings for a rather cheap price.
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