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6950 Toxic stuck at high idle memory clock

Is it normal for the 6950 to idle at max memory clock (1300mhz)? I could have swore I saw my GPU clock and memory clock lowered into the 500~ range when idle, but now my memory clock is maxed out 24/7 and only my GPU idles at a lower speed. I'm asking this because I've recently experienced an increase in my video card idle temperatures (low 40's and now low 50's) and I'm trying to track down the issue. With my fan set at 50% furmark maxes out in the low 80's, which I think was the same before I started to experience the change in idle temps. What's really confusing to me is that I've done a couple case mods to better cool my video card (added a 120m fan at the bottom of the case and the side panel) but my temps have gotten worse (coincidence or the problem?). Any ideas on how to fix this, or confirmation that this is normal would be much appreciated.

2600k @ 4.4ghz (38c idle)
Corsair H80
Thermaltake V9 BlacX Case
Corsair TX750 PSU
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    Have you got a higher refresh rate monitor? (going from 60hz to 120hz for example)
    This requires more of the graphics card..
    Here, if I set 120hz, my cards doesn't enter idle state. Only if I set 110hz or lower.
  2. Vitornob, thanks! I just realized I recently plugged in my TV to the HDMI out on the video card. Even though the TV is not on, I guess it maxes out my memory and keeps my GPU at a higher clock (450 vs 250) and my memory at 1300 vs 150. Idle temps are now back to normal as are the GPU and memory clocks. Thanks for the reply.
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