Windows 7 looking up x79 motherboard


i keep geting system freez on windows 7 mouse keeps locking up at first it wouldnot install windows 7 at all it kept going to 25% i finly go it to install it keep frezing now on windows experience index after abot 9 attemptes i did work whot is going on

set up
ASRock X79 Extreme9 Motherboard
16gb ddr 3 ballistix
Intel Core i7-3960X Processor - 3.3GHz
256 ssd
windows 7 home 64bit
1050w xfx psu

i have tried to put one stick in one dim to se if i had any bad memory a1 ext

i think it might be the motherboard or cpu
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  1. Dont discount the problem from being the SSD. If you have an hdd that you can use, disconnect the ssd and see if you can install win7 to the hdd. Run memtest86 from a bootable dvd to check your ram.
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