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I built a pc a few weeks ago, but the sound keeps crashing on it. i pressume its to do with the onboard sound which is some realtek junk. it was similar onboard sound to my other one. anyway, i have 3 questions.
1) if i buy a pci sound card will it fix the crashing?
2) will it pick up the front panel ports aswell?
3) if yes to the 2 above will this one be good enough?

thanks in advance for help
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  1. The Realtek drivers are junk, even though the onboard audio on motherboards has vastly improved.

    It could be a driver issue but it could also be a Windows-related issue. Try reinstalling and/or updating the drivers and see what that does. If not it could be a Windows issue and I'm not sure buying a sound card would really help.
  2. On board sucks really really really bad even still today compared to a good dedicated sound card and the only reason people are saying onboard sound has vastly improved is because back in the day if and when it worked the sound came in with lots od static and cut in and out when it would want to. A dedicated sound card will fix you woos and may I suggest something from Creative they are real great and you will wonder how you ever thought onboard was ever considered decent by anyone with a working set of ears.
  3. hehe yea get creative if you want to go threw driver hell again. try to get something like the asus xonar or something by HT omega. those are some of the great sounds cards available today
  4. the one in my link is the asus xonar dg
  5. it looks like a good card. also in the future i would get some speakers to take advantage optical out port on the card. i am using it on my HT omega striker and gives me way better sound using the optical out
  6. Another concern was will i pick up the front ports? that hasnt been answered yet :P
  7. Perfectjake said:
    Another concern was will i pick up the front ports? that hasnt been answered yet :P

    Do you have the case headers hooked into the USB/audio port on the motherboard? If not then you should hook those up and a pair of headphones and see if that works.
  8. yeah the front ports work with the motherboard i just wasnt sure if they worked with a sound card
  9. Perfectjake said:
    yeah the front ports work with the motherboard i just wasnt sure if they worked with a sound card

    The Xonar DG has a front panel header. That's what you want to connect your front panel to. That card is good if all you ever use for gaming is headphones. That Dolby Headphone is miraculous, I hear. I've heard demos of similar 5.1 simulators, and it's uncanny how they can get two speakers to make it sound like there's a fly buzzing around your head. Be aware, though, that if you want real in-game 5.1, you can't get that through the digital out (it sends stereo or some bullsh*t "enhanced" simulated abomination). You would have to jack the speakers up individually right to the card.

    [EDIT: I just realized that that is misleading. You cannot, of course, power speakers with a sound card. What I meant was that you would need to connect each output of the card to an individual descrete input on your receiver/amplifier. Not many receivers have that capability, though. A dedicated PC sound system is what many people use (even though they all suck gorilla meat---the speakers, not the people), and that would work, too. You could alternatively send your game sound through HDMI/DVI to a receiver that doesn't have passthrough.]

    Whether a sound card would fix your sound problem is anybody's guess. For 20 quid it's worth a shot, I suppose, but I'd be looking at my drivers first. There is nothing wrong with on-board if you don't want to distort your audio with "enhancements".
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