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I had 1 hdd in my system with 7 partitions ("c" to "i"). My zip drive (secondary slave) was "j" & cdrom (secondary master) was "k". I added a 2nd drive (only 1 partition on it) as a primary slave. Now all my drive letters are screwed & none of my desktop/startmenu shortcuts work! The new hdd took "d" as a drive letter & moved everything else down the letter chain (Zip is now "k" & cdrom is "l"). Did I do something wrong here? Should I have installed the new hdd on the secondary ide chain? Reason I have both hdd's on same ide chain is because most of the writing they do is from either the Zip or cdrom, not to each other.
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  1. This is sucks, I feel for ya, but the thing is that luck of intellect is not only my sickness anymore as I see. Da windowz will take priority to the phizical drive, then logical, read more on harddrive sites.

    Thank you very much.

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  2. Why on earth would you have 7 Partitions for anyways?
  3. he likes it that way (i think)...

    "akuna mutata" braza... :wink:
  4. Strange.... Very strange
  5. This is just how it works. Here's an example with 3 drives. C: will be the first partition on the first drive, D: will be the first partition on the second drive, E: will be the first partition on the third drive. Once all the drives each have a letter, the partitions then get assigned letters. The second partition on the first drive will get F: the third partition on the first drive will get G: and so on until all the partitions on the first drive are named. Then the second drive will get letters for all of it's drives, and finally the third drive will get letters for all of it's drives.

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  6. I have boot files on c, windows on d, halflife on e, program files on f, office 2000 on h, napster on h & UT on i. If I want to defrag a paricular partition, I can! :)
  7. Gawd thats way over the top .... I got 3 partitions in total ... C 25 Gig - Win98 & Games, D 20 Gig - Music Vids, E 20 Gig - Mp3's, and i got a spare 10 gig laying round which in gonna stick in later. That still only makes 4 partitons for 75 gig. There is no need for more than that. If u wanna defrag, leave it overnight like everyone else does :smile:
  8. If it helps at all, In windows NT/2k you can at least rearrange the drive letters back where they were.

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  9. I had this problem before. I know the fix. Partition the new drive in 2 partitions. Make the primary DOS partition as small as you can since this will be wasted. Make the rest of the drive extended DOS. Use Linux or other OS to change the primary DOS partition to Linux or any other file system. This way, Windows won't recognize the primary partition and the extended partition will be assigned the next available drive letter. It worked perfectly for me. Good luck :)
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