Weird One.....2 computers using same router crash....

As the title says, I have this weird problem. There are 2 computers that I use (desktops) that are connected to the same modem/router box from Verizon ie Frontier. Other than sharing the same router to access the internet, the computers are not connected file sharing or network set up.

Now the weird part...Desktop A has been giving me grief. All of a sudden I have been getting parity errors and ide errors. HDD comes out fine and I am starting to think the MB is going bad. Anyways, the computer will freeze up forcing me to manually shut down. Weird thing is....the other desktop also freezes as the same time. How is this so? Desktop B does not have the same errors as Desktop A. So what is causing both computers to shut down?
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  1. This could be any number of things, but likely that the problem computer is flooding the network with packets that the other computer is then trying to read. Are there any other computers on this network? Try posting a wireshark (or the like) file and maybe I can tell you what is going on ...
  2. are there any bad capacitors on the motherbaord of the bad pc?
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