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Case / Fan selection with H100

Here is my 'current' shopping list:

Corsair 600T Mid-Tower Case
CORSAIR H100 cooling an FX-8150 Processor
8x COUGAR 120mm Fans

The current plan is to use a push-pull on the H100 at the top of the case and removing the 200mm from the top along with using 4 of the cougar fans on the side door of the case. Other two case fans as originally installed.

I game quite a bit and the looks are of course part of case selection, but functionality is by far the most important factor. Noise is only a minor factor, but I figured with quality fans like the cougars, noise won't be an issue. I plan on building this computer before February. I am currently planning on spending about 2000-2200 on this thing and really don't want to be upset that I spent so much for fans (8 cougars at $17 a pop...) without actually getting maximum benefit out of them.

TLDR; Case / fans best for modest heat load at <$300 while still using H100 CPU Cooler.

Limitation: Roughly $300 to spend between case and fans

1. Is there a better case for this situation?

2. Based on your answer to #1, how would you route fans / what would you use?
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  1. Since the motherboard will get situated so high up in the case installing H100 in a push pull configuration might cause some issues with clearance with the motherboard.

    Installing those 4 side fans might be a massive overkill though. There should be enough airflow from the huge fan in the front.
    I would do the 4 fans for the H100 first and see if extra airflow from the side is needed or not.

    A side note about the HW selection otherwise, unless the games you play benefit greatly from NVidia cards, for that amount of money you probably should be looking at 7970's instead for better performance. Or maybe see if the GTX600 series will be released then, as there were some rumours about it.
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    COOLER MASTER HAF X RC-942-KKN1 Black Steel/ Plastic ATX Full Tower Computer Case
    $199.99 and a $20 rebate makes it $179.99

    This case is in my opinion one of the best cases for cooling solutions and it has massive fans with options for more. The inside is so spacious that you can moubt a water cooling radiator at the top and there is a spot at the top to mount the H100 and have plenty of clearence.
    The side panel has a 200mm as well as the top and the front has a 230mm fan with threar a 140mm fan. There is a video card shroud where you can put a 120mm fan to blow directly onto the video card/s. I hav this case and it is absolutly awsome.
  3. Looking at the HAF X 942, I found a video on youtube showing the mounting of the H100 cooler, and I can see it's definitely roomy overall.

    Seems it may be the better case overall, thanks for the input guys.

    As far as the 7970, I'm partial to nvidia, but if I hear something SOLID on a release date on 6xx series, I might delay a bit.
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