No display, powers on, beeps

I just finished putting all of the computer together and when i turn it on it beeps and everything seems fine but no display. I just have the mobo, cpu, fans, and video card hooked up, no drives. Im also using the onboard video for now to rule out video card issues. Im running the following:

Asus m5a88-v evo 880g rt motherboard
HIS h695qnt2g2m hd6950 2g
Amd fx-8120
Zalman cnps12x fan
Cooler master rs800
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  1. What beep pattern are you hearing? What does the motherboard owners manual say about the beep pattern?

    Perform all the steps in the checklist found in my signature. It was created to troubleshoot this type of problem.
  2. Did all of the steps and its one quick beep meaning everything is working
  3. i has the same problem with my computer, can you help
  4. Got it going. Cant tell you what it was or why it happened but i just tried my 6950 instead of the onboard and the monitor turned right on after reboot.
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