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So I ordered an AMD 960t off of Newegg a few months ago. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use it until after my 30 days warranty. It arrived dead out of the box. Newegg wouldn't take it back, so I contacted AMD. They said no problem, send it back and we'll get you a new one. Well little did I know that AMD would not be sending me a 960t. Instead, I got a 965 black edition. I tried sending it back, but AMD won't offer money back, and they claim to be out of stock in 960t's.

So my question is, should I keep my 965 black edition and just overclock it? I can't seem to find a solid answer as to which is better on solely overclocking. I was hoping to unlock my 960t's two extra cores, but that doesn't seem to be an option. I was also thinking I would go out on a limb and request the next processor up from a 960t that still has unlocking capabilities or similar performance, which seems to be a 1045t.

Is the 1045t too much higher up to request? If so, what else could I request, or is a 965be good enough? I'm trying to run Battlefield 3 maxed out, Skyrim, typical popular games, so I'm looking for an OC of 4.0-4.2ghz.

P.S. I know there are a lot of comparisons of these processors, but I couldn't find a specific answer to my question in the comparisons. There seems to be an awful lot of gray area as to what's better than what with AMD's processors, being that there are so many, and each can surpass the next with unlocking and overclocking.
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  1. I wouold be happy with the 965 then. You get an easy overclock and the thuban cores are not noted for high overclocks 4.0 and over. You got a good one if you can even hit 4.0 LoL
  2. I have an asus m5a97, it seems like a pretty solid board. I should be able to hit 4.0ghz on it at least from what I've read.
  3. keep the 965 be since it is a black edition you could overclock it
  4. You should be happy :)
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    In my opinion you got yourself an upgrade. The 960T's are better assuming you can unlock it to 6 cores, however theres no guarentee of that. the 965 x4 is a very good CPU for gaming. Yes, indeed I would overclock it.

    For starters even without an aftermarket heatsink, you can set the multiplier to 18.5x, this would give you the stock settings of a 980 at 3.7GHZ.

    As far as the gray area between the different models. I can say that most of the Phenom II x4s should be able to hit 4.0GHZ, I wouldn't expect any higher than 4.2GHZ, but it does happen. Even CPUs of the same model are not all the same, even intel's this applies. For example, you could have two 965's and one might be able to hit 4.4GHZ, and the other might never see anything above 3.9GHZ. You just have to see what yours can do. Me, personally, mine was "Stable" at 4.2, but my cooler isn't good enough to keep it at acceptable temps (by my standards) any higher than 4.0.
  6. I'll stick with the 965 then, thanks guys =)
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